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Foot Care At Its Best


Foot Problems? 

The human foot is a complicated part of he human body, consisting of 26 bones bound by ligaments, supported by muscles and supplied with blood vessels and nerves. Feet are in constant use and are often subject to considerable strain, which may cause injury

Common Ailments


Corns are caused by friction and pressure. They do not have roots and the cause is also often due to bone deformity.


These are a symptom, not a disease and the cause must be corrected before the callouses can be cured. Chronic corns and callouses require periodic professional care. In some instances , surgical or orthopedic measures may be required to effect a cure.

Verruca (Warts)

These are often mistaken for corns and callouses. A wart has a blood supply and nerve of its own. They can be extremely painful and tend to spread if left untreated.

Excessive Perspiration

This can cause foot odour. Daily bathing and application application of medicated foot powder can help in may cases. When these fail you should arrange a visit for professional advice.


These are caused by a weakness of the ligament and muscular structures of the foot and leg. The tendency for them to form may be hereditary, but factors such as stress and strain and interference form shoes can also bring about this deformity. When these joints are red, swollen or tender make an appointment, as these signs may indicate the formation of a bunion, arthritis,gout or infection.

Athletes Foot

This is a skin disease caused by a fungus. This fungus most commonly attacks the feet where it thrives best because of the warm dark and sometimes moist environment it finds inside the shoe. The main cause of athletes foot is the lowering of the skin's resistance.

Practice good foot hygiene. The skin should be bathed daily, be kept dry by changing sock or tights frequently and a mild fungicidal powder used on the feet and in the shoes.


Theses are just a few of the many foot related illness that can beset people, there are many more. If you suffer from any of these and need advice, then get in touch. We will be able, after initial examination, to engage a treatment plan suited to your own individual needs.